Getting Started

What is EdgeSwap?

Developed by Edge Labs, EdgeSwap is an Ethereum-based layer 2 trading protocol that adopts the ZK Rollup technology. With the industry’s top-grade hardware acceleration solution and circuit optimization system, EdgeSwap provides the market with high-performance, cost-effective swapping and farming services. At the same time, it protects users’ assets and privacy through the highest level of security among layer 2 scaling solutions.
About Edge Labs
The core R&D team of Edge Labs, which is comprised of international top tech talents, has researched blockchain technology for many years, including the likes of interactive proof, privacy computing, cross-chain, scaling, web3.0, and other cutting-edge areas. The team is committed to exploring a better Ethereum ecosystem and has made many industry-leading achievements. In the summer of 2021, Edge Labs officially started the development of EdgeSwap. After 6 months of iterations and stress testing, EdgeSwap has now deployed on the Rinkeby testnet, and the team plans to officially launch on the Ethereum mainnet soon.

Advantages of EdgeSwap

EdgeSwap improves ZK Rollups, providing leading-edge performance:
  • Built on Ethereum layer 2, the AMM payment system focuses on liquidity pool, swaps, etc., providing second-level confirmation and 0 gas fees on layer 2.
  • Through upgrading the ZK Rollup solution, it can realize withdrawals in as fast as a few minutes -- transferring funds from layer 2 to layer 1 at a rate that is three to five times faster than traditional solutions, reducing gas fees by 98%.
  • Enables staking & rewards on layer 2 by optimizing the execution and proof of circuit environments.
  • When layer 2 fails, users can obtain data from the contract's transaction records to restore the layer 2 state tree, and can generate a certificate to retrieve funds.
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