System Scalability

In order to meet the system goals and user needs, after studying the implementations of the existing open source systems, we found that structural optimization is needed to support the large-scale daily transaction volume, thereby maintaining the availability of the EdgeSwap system.
Therefore, we established a brand new system architecture, as shown below:
We have done the following:
1) The statemanager maintains a Sparse Merkel tree (SMT) by conducting memory-based calculations, and changes to the state tree are transformed into incremental database operations. According to the former, the state tree can be migrated rapidly.
2) Service splitting enhances system scalability and flexibility, and realizes status synchronization based on message queues.
3) The distributed task scheduling system can support the dynamic expansion of a variety of hardware acceleration clusters.
Through the above efforts, the performance metrics of our layer 2 system are increased by dozens of times compared with the existing open source systems.