EGS Allocation
EGS Emission Schedule
1. EdgeSwap Protocol
0.3% fee will be charged for transactions made in AMM pools of EdgeSwap.
  • Where 0.2% is to reward the liquidity providers of relevant pools.
  • the remaining 0.1% is to incentivize the building of the ecosystem, in particular:
0.06% in the 0.1% is for the verification nodes of the Edge Network;
The remaining 0.04% in the 0.1% is for the maintenance and the development of the protocol.
2. Stake
1) By staking, staker will get EGS as incentives, which allow for flexible deposit and withdrawal.
2) By staking, staker will get a corresponding weight in the ecosystem governance.
‒ The weight is to accelerate liquidity mining and to split earnings from the DAO pool.
3) Cooldown period
When withdrawing: A 14-day cooldown period applies when a withdrawal application is initiated. No cost will be incurred if the withdrawal is executed after the cooldown period. A certain amount of EGS will be charged if the withdrawal is executed during the cooldown period (the charged EGS will be used to incentivize other staking holders). The premature redemption charge rate is (14 - actual staking period)/365 * current APR.
‒ The cooldown period would reset if any new withdrawal applications are initiated during the cooldown period.
‒ During the cooldown period, users may cancel their withdrawal applications and the funds can be reclaimed to the staking pool. The staking period would also be reset for reclaimed tokens.
4) Periodic incentives
‒ The token charges incurred during the cooldown period are used to incentivize the existing staking addresses and are released every 7 days.
‒ The incentives are equally distributed to addresses that are A) still in staking, B) without any withdrawals, and C) have an average locked value of > 2,000 tokens.
3. Burn (Coming Soon)
Any addresses may donate tokens of any amount during each cycle in every 10 days:
‒ Participation: The donated tokens will all be transferred to the black hole address. A uniquely numbered NFT will be minted for every 1,000 tokens donated by an address.
‒ After one cycle ends, users may donate tokens and swap for NFTs to contribute to the ecosystem.
‒ Rewards: During each cycle, 2 special NFTs will be minted randomly. The two NFTs can then be swapped for 10% (5% each) of the initial EGS liquidity (from the Liquidity Mgmt in the ICO allocation).
‒ The Liquidity Mgmt shares in the ICO allocation will be fully rewarded to the community after 10 cycles of token burning.
4.Vote (Coming Soon)
The weights can be used for voting:
‒ To determine the distribution shares of a pool
‒ In initial coin offering projects
‒ To determine fee deduction percentages